What if EPSB was powered by 100% Renewable Energy?

What if the Edmonton Public School Board was entirely powered by renewable energy?

In addition to the numerous ecological benefits, in an environment of economic uncertainty, committing to renewables maybe a sound fiscal strategy to avoid upcoming budgetary stings– carbon pricing, coal phaseout and other market vulnerabilities.

The educational opportunities to embrace solar micro-generation on our school roofs are fascinating, and should be considered as an in-school educational opportunity. The chance to be a part of a new economic diversification project would be very aligned with our Career Pathways plan.

We would not be the first school district to take this step. As reported by CBC, 25 schools pooled their purchasing power and bought themselves a wind farm to power 50o schools around Alberta.

For a large urban district like Edmonton Public Schools with over 200+ school buildings, this is a very exciting possibility. Check out this video:

As reported by Green Energy Futures:

Five hundred Alberta schools are powered by the wind. Twenty six school districts pooled their purchasing power to get long term price stability and they have a wind farm built by BluEarth Renewables to show for it.

The fiscal case merits further examination.
Embracing ecological sustainability is a topic we regularly hear is a priority for our students. I would also encourage you to check out a white paper presented by Queen Elizabeth calling for climate change strategies and utilizing green energy in schools. This is the inspiring story of Alberta students who held town halls with none other than the Premier of Alberta and then wrote a white paper on how Alberta schools can take action on climate change in the curriculum and on schools in the form of solar or energy efficiency projects. Here is a quick video summary:


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