What are your thoughts about Provincial Curriculum Revisions?


Curriculum is determined at the provincial level (not by the different school boards) and is ultimately signed off on by the Minister of Education. It is consistently reviewed on an ongoing basis and updated regularly. As trustee, I have taken the time to ask questions and advocate on important concerns I have heard from my constituents. There are a number of themes I hear again and again, and for which I will continue to advocate: we need to teach our children evidence-based information; we need proficiency in basic competencies such as reading, writing, and mathematics; and we need a curriculum that fosters new tools such as critical thinking and financial literacy. I will continue to push for the basics, while also making sure students have the new tools and techniques they’ll need for a changing global world. These goals are not mutually exclusive, and our students will need both to success.

However, there’s an important distinction here in the Board’s role. The content -- “what” is taught -- is determined by teachers and experts through the provincial curriculum redesign. The methodology -- “how” those outcomes are taught -- is up to your classroom teacher. I will continue to advocate for smaller class sizes, supports, and tools to make sure teachers can do the best possible job of the “how.”   


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