Suppor banning corporate and union donations and municipal campaign finance reform

On Tuesday June 23rd, 2015 I will move two motions to request that the Edmonton Public School Board add our voice to a chorus of other voices calling for campaign finance reform at the municipal level.
Recommendation 1) That the board grant waiver of notice of motion to consider recommendation #2 at the June 23rd Board meeting.

Recommendation 2) That the Edmonton Public School Board would write a letter supporting campaign finance reform measures that would ban corporate and union donations in municipal elections.

Recommendation 1 (if passed unanimously at the meeting) would give us the opportunity to debate recommendation 2 at the June 23rd board meeting. If Recommendation 1 does not pass unanimously, we would not have the opportunity do debate the recommendation until our next board meeting in September.
Recommendation 2)
Given that the Provincial government is proposing campaign finance reform and banning corporate and union donations in the sitting of this legislature, it would be most appropriate timing to ban corporate and union donations in municipal elections as well.
I understand that Edmonton City Council will also be voting on a similar motion with support from Mayor Iveson and Councillor Knack: (
The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues prepared a thought paper on campaign finance reform (attachment 1) which raises important concerns about the democratic accessibility of elections:
‘The EFCL is concerned that some of our most dedicated and qualified potential public servants are getting priced out of office. It is also concerned about council members being placed in difficult situations, when the majority of the donations are coming from companies and unions that have a direct interest in decisions made by city council.’ – EFCL
Blogger Daveberta has also provided more background to this issue here:
“The NDP should not limit the ban on corporate and union donations to the provincial level, they should also ban corporate and union donations in municipal elections. The provincial legislature approves the law that governs municipal election financing, which allows corporate, union and individual donations up to $5,000 during an election year. The provincial law also allows for an odd exemption that individual municipal candidates can contribute a maximum of $10,000 to their own campaign.”
I would appreciate your support and would ask you to write your MLA: ( ) and urge them to legislate campaign finance reform for municipalities.
David Staples at the Journal had an excellent opinion piece:
Read the full report from the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues:

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