How can we improve outcomes in Mathematics?


You will not find one trustee, parent, teacher, or educator who does not want to improve math education in Edmonton Public — and across Alberta. We must ensure that all students have mastery of the basics (mental math, making change etc.) and that each student is able to excel at complex problem solving questions. This is not an "either/or" but rather a "both/and". Everyone in Education wants to improve Math results and we know that it is complicated and requires multiple strategies and interventions in curriculum, assessment, teacher training, and much more.

At the Board level, we’ve spent a great deal of time reviewing Math and Numeracy outcomes, and we’ve improved access to Teacher professional development with a prioritization on numeracy. Since 2014, I have supported and celebrated the MIPI (Math Intervention Programming instrument), a formative evaluation tool to assist teachers in identifying areas needed for intervention. 

Everyone agrees that there’s more work to be done and that there are short-term and long-term steps that the provincial government is taking that will help ensure outcomes in Math improve.

I will continue to use my role as trustee to support district efforts to improve math outcomes by continuing to review and support emerging tools and training options. I will also stay in constant dialogue with the provincial government, advocating for a stronger math emphasis in the provincial curriculum.

Speaking of provincial curriculum, please review the advocacy I've led for financial and consumer literacy for students: (

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