We need a vote of non-confidence on the new UCP K-6 curriculum

I'm relieved to share that EPSB will NOT participate in the pilot process of the new K-6 UCP curriculum.


All of us - Trustees especially - must provide our full-throated condemnation of this hurtful and harmful draft.
I will be proposing this motion of non-confidence at the next EPSB Board Meeting (April 13th, 2021) to be debated at our board and put forward for debate and vote by all 61 school boards at the Spring General Meeting of the ASBA on June 6th, 2021.
We need to send a clear message that the students, staff, and families will tolerate their first-rate education system being subjected to anything less than a first-rate curriculum redesign.
But opting-out is only a bandaid fix: it is a delay when we need a full repeal. Pilot or not, the UCP wants to impose their new curriculum for September 2022. 
Are you part of a parent council? A professional association? A community group? A cultural group? A self-named group of neighbours on your block? Do you care about the knowledge, skills, and attributes of the next generation?
Racism. Colonialism. Eurocentrism. Plagiarism.
There are so many problems with the new curriculum you would think the whole project was an April Fools Joke, but it isn't. Serious concerns don't even begin to describe what I've heard from students, staff, families, and experts. 

Enough is enough.

While there may be the occasional improvement compared to the outdated existing curriculum, on balance, there is too much harmful content in there that would be dangerous to test on children and is contradictory to our commitment to anti-racism and inclusion or our commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation commitments by the Board of Trustees. The Metis Nation of Alberta and the Chiefs of Treaty 6 have called for a rejection of the curriculum, as it “perpetuates rather than addresses systemic racism”.

But what about the ability to "change things from the inside"? Sadly, that ship has sailed. They clearly don't care about you or me or anyone else but a small fringe group of ideological radicals. The UCP deliberately cut out teachers and education professionals from this curriculum rewrite before they cut and paste from Wikipedia.

If they cared about your input they would have included school boards or teachers in the creation. Millions of dollars and hours had already been spent developing the curriculum before Jason Kenney famously said he was going to put it in the shredder.

Any parent or guardian can email their school council requesting that the following resolution be debated as soon as possible:

(Version française ici) (via https://www.studentsdeservebetter.ca)

WHEREAS the Minister of Education, Adriana LaGrange, released a draft curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 6 on March 29, 2021;

WHEREAS the new draft curriculum received widespread criticism for being Eurocentric and even racist; for being developmentally inappropriate; for focusing on outmoded approaches to learning such as rote memorization of facts over meaningful engagement with material; for being inaccurate in numerous subject areas with regard to basic facts and principles; and for being developed without adequate input from teachers and education experts;

WHEREAS the Metis Nation of Alberta and the Chiefs of Treaty 6 have called for a rejection of the curriculum, as it “perpetuates rather than addresses systemic racism”; and

WHEREAS we, in our experience as parents and guardians, are intimately familiar with the needs and capabilities of our children.


We, assert that the draft curriculum is critically flawed and does not have our confidence;

We call upon the Minister of Education and the Government of Alberta to reject the draft curriculum outright;

We call upon the [Insert School board name] to not volunteer in any piloting of the draft curriculum;

We call upon [School Board Name] to affirm the right of parents and guardians to refuse to allow their children to participate in any piloting of the draft curriculum; and

We instruct the executive of [School Council Name] to communicate this resolution to the Minister of Education, the [School Board], and post it online to share with other Albertans.

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  • Tuval Nafshi
    commented 2021-04-06 14:59:48 -0600
    I 100% percent support this effort. Thank you Michael!
  • Michael Janz
    published this page in Blog 2021-04-04 17:55:08 -0600



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