Do you support vaccinations as a requirement to attend Edmonton Public Schools?

Do you support Vaccinations? And should they be a requirement to attend Edmonton Public Schools?

- Michael (another one!) (who asked me when I was out door knocking)


I encourage you to get vaccinated. I am vaccinated. My son is vaccinated. My family supports vaccinations. I hope his future classmates are vaccinated because of the importance of herd immunity. I want our schools to be safe and caring learning environments, and taking care of our own health against dangerous and deadly disease is a first step.

The question of whether or not vaccination should be a requirement to attend public schools is a matter of debate in the legal community, and I have been previously advised by legal council that a vaccination requirement would not be legally allowed and could mire us in expensive court challenges. That being said, because of the public health urgency of this question, I encourage you to talk to your friends about vaccination and support scientific, evidence-based decision making.

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I will continue to advocate for immunizations and positive health and wellness outcomes for all students, staff, and families.

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