Do you support home (or parent directed) schooling?


As a general rule, I don't support one-size-fits-all solutions and I know that flexibility to respond in education is essential. One of the reasons I am proud to be a trustee for Edmonton Public Schools is our fantastic suite of programs and alternative education offerings we can provide to students and families-- within an efficient, transparent, and accountable public school system.

Many don't know this, but Edmonton Public Schools actually offers Home Education programs through Argyll Centre. Thousands of students across Alberta benefit from the fantastic staff and efforts of our school district in compliance with the provincial Home Education Regulation and Alberta Curriculum. You can be a home schooled student through Edmonton Public Schools!

I have supported and continue to support our work through Argyll Centre, and as a trustee, I will continue to advocate in support of their excellent work.



I will continue to advocate for programs of choice, parent choice, and support flexibility and programming options for families.

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